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Interlated - Web Applications

Interlated is about web application development and data driven web applications. We are an Australian based company that has delivered on sophisticated applications supporting marketing efforts, corporate sites and in-depth applications - among the flagship being an emissions calculator programme.

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MountainRiver CMS - Web Publishing

Over a significant period we have been web publishing or content management systems experts. Content management systems provide more out-of-the-box solutions to a whole range of features that people expect from basic editing through to displaying content items on a map.

MountainRiver CMS » - Publish online now, Customise Later.

We have built a large number of solutions in the past. It seems a shame that our customers can't just get the benefit of this work. To remedy this we host and provide a 'shopping cart' for people to get started with solutions. »

Integrated Web Publishing


Integrated Membership Management.

Membership management synchronisation. Data driven design. We pull off the pointy bit of your data and provide it in context so that people can get things done.

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Let us reskin a questionnaire tool we have already built with sophisticated input or reporting.


Manage your java or php applications. Monitoring, tune or scale infrastructure. Let us run up a scalable infrastructure for you.

Application Development Process

Or just get us to run the icescrum tool for you as a service.


Applications, mobile applications, application strategy, application business case, etc.

Interlated can provide interfaces to business applications, content management solutions and build rich interactive applications.


Emissions Calculator

Resource Database

Sophisticated web application with a user-friendly questionnaire, reporting, many test cases.


Membership Integration

Membership Integration - CiviLink.

Middleware to provide online services to multiple websites. Synchronise content so that is available for mailouts or email newsletters. Support your organisation processes.

Targeted web application.

Targeted Marketing

Data driven approach that allowed the organisation to rapidly deliver targeted applications. The result - 20% of the organisations new sales were driven by the initiative.

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